No Man’s Sky Release Date in 2 Weeks; These Videos Give You 360 Perspective of Game

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No Man?s Sky Release Date nears and fans can stop the whining and the violence now. It is known to be one of the most anticipated game release ever. It is a game set for space exploration with reportedly 18 quintillion planets. Each of them, you can visit. It is an RPG game that defines what pure RPG is. There is no set paths and no script. You be what you want to be within the limits of the game.

The game has four pillars–explore, fight, trade and survive. PlayStation has released videos that will give you a working understanding should you find yourself alone in the darkness of space in No Man?s Sky. Here is a short breakdown of each.


Like mentioned earlier, the game is set in a universe with 18 quintillion planets. This is endless discovery. Each of these planets have different forms of life, different temperature and pose different opportunities and dangers. The spirit of exploration is key in No Man?s Sky. You will have the means to fly using your spacecraft and go where no person has ever gone. But of course, you would not be alone in doing so?


As you explore the vastness of the No Man?s Sky universe, you will also encounter other explorers with maybe the same or different goals than you. When you land on an alien planet, you will find life forms that may be hostile to you. So from the skies to the surface of the planets, you will need to fight in order to survive, gain or pass safely. The video above shows how epic the space battles are.


Yes, there are hostile entities. But as you may have learned living in the real world, there are also people that you can deal with. As you collect natural resources and collect items, you can trade them with others. You can also enhance your gear and equipment with the natural resources you gather. This seems to be a central pillar in the No Man?s Sky experience as this is where your basic personal economics lie.


And speaking of basic, you will not only be looking to fend other entities away. You will also be looking to just basically survive. Remember, you will be exploring planets and the environment will most likely be hostile. You might also run out of supplies and find alternative sources. This, like in real life, is a full time job whether we like it or not.

Well, there?s the basic pillars of the game. Excited much?

The No Man?s Sky Release Dates are August 9 for the PS4 in the U.S., August 10 for the PS4 in Europe and the PC release will be on August 12 worldwide.

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