No Man’s Sky PS4 And PC Cross-Play Update: Separate Servers Confirmed By Sean Murray

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No Man's Sky

Recently, Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray had an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. No Man?s Sky fans flocked the thread to ask him questions. Murray has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 and PC servers will be separate, and there might actually be an unofficial event for the naming of the discovered planets in the game. Here?s what we know so far about the issue.

During Murray?s Ask me Anything session on Reddit, he confirmed that the PlayStation 4 and PC servers will be separate in No Man?s Sky. However, chances for Cross-Play might be nil for now, so if you?re planning to play with friends, it?s better to aim for the same platform.

Meanwhile, Murray may have confirmed a weird event for servers of No Man?s Sky. He said that they?re going to run a ?control experiment? on which server will have more planets named after the most ?juvenile? things. The game?s system allows players to name their discoveries, which may serve as nice reminders of the players? achievements.

However, the naming system could also be an avenue for player mischief as gamers could give an in-game item or object an inappropriate, immature, or silly name for humor or for the sake of mischief itself. Prepare for inappropriately named procedurally generated planets and creatures in the game. While some inappropriate names might be funny or ironic, some players may find them distasteful and opt to play the game offline instead to avoid such immersion-breaking names.

Murray may have seen this problem coming and just dared players to give their best shot in gathering data. He also possibly made a profanity filter for the game?s naming system rather than actively opposing such inevitable scenario, which is common in most online games. For now, players can freely name their discoveries whatever they want without fear of getting banned or blocked in the game. We?ll have to wait and see if Murray and Hello Games will support or discourage such kind of culture in No Man?s Sky.

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