No Man’s Sky PS4 And PC Cross-Play Feature Detailed By Hello Games [Updated]

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No Man's Sky

In a recent interview, Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray revealed details about No Man?s Sky cross-play feature. Murray didn?t give a direct answer, but he hinted that PC and PS4 servers may be separate in the said feature. Here?s the video of the interview.

At around the 5:05 mark of the JeuxVideo?s interview, Murray gave a vague answer regarding the cross-play feature of No Man?s Sky. It?s possible that we?ll have separate servers for PC and PS4; hence, separate universes that may not feature the same planets. Even the users in the No Man?s Sky Reddit aren?t expecting much from the game?s multiplayer capability of letting players meet up in planets.

If the cross-play feature doesn?t make it on the game?s release, No Man?s Sky PS4 and PC players will have to tag their servers to correctly identify planets and to prevent the system from suggesting planets that don?t exist on their platform. The game is known to have an expansive universe to map out and explore, so it?ll be best if players particularly point out planets in the future.

In retrospect, separate servers may make No Man?s Sky content twice as expansive. It might be true that the players won?t be able to visit planets existing on the other platform, but the game?s focus on exploration and raw visuals make screenshots and pictures of the game heavily valuable to the game?s player base.

In the game?s appearance on Stephen Colbert?s show, Murray confirmed that players could meet in the game, but it might be rare due to the vastness of the playable area in No Man?s Sky. The game certainly has a strong potential to expand its system beyond exploration. We can only wait and see where Hello Games wants to take the title through its future updates.


Sean Murray has confirmed that PS4 and PC cross-play is currently not available in the game, which affects possible player interaction as well as naming discoveries.

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