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No Man’s Sky PS4 Neo Version Would ?Change Huge Things In The Universe?, Says Hello Games

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No Man's Sky PS4 Neo

Hello Games has delivered what they promised with No Man’s Sky. Now, the indie game development company is aiming to bring a more powerful No Man’s Sky?PS4 Neo version. Recently, Sean Murray revealed that if they were to make a PS4 Neo version of the game, it would feature big changes in the universe. The game would feature more new types of worlds, better graphics and more detailed elements.

Sony is bringing PS4 Neo, the highly anticipated 4K resolution console, with more powerful performance. As Hello Games has just released their new exploration game, fans are expecting a PS4 Neo version of No Man’s Sky.

Murray told Daily Star that their Day One patch has proven that they can make a ton of new changes in the game, and they could do this to provide improvements for the PS4 Neo version. He also said that the upcoming console is going to be more powerful in terms of graphics, resolution and performance. It means that Hello Games can include way more improvements than mere graphical upgrades. The studio has complete control over the game, Murray added.

Murray said that more performance and higher frame rate will not only give Hello Games the opportunity to enhance texture and visuals, but it will also allow the developer to bring a huge change in the overall experience of the game. Murray said that the changes could be in the form of more new worlds, features, more flaura and fauna.

The developer said that No Man?s Sky is a completely different game than others. He said that when others remaster a game, they usually upgrade the graphics and texture. Hello Games will not only make these upgrades; the company will also make sure that the gameplay won?t get lost in the PS4 Neo version.

No Man’s Sky is already available on PS4. The PC release of the game is scheduled for August 12. The studio is also currently working on an unannounced game.

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