No Man?s Sky: More Procedurally Generated Music By 65daysofstatic Coming Tomorrow

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No Man?s Sky

No Man?s Sky?s choice soundtrack provider and math rock band, 65daysofstatic, recently teased new game content that fans should watch out for in their upcoming concert. It?s possible that they?ll perform some of the new songs that?ll be in the ?procedural generation? music systems in the game. Here?s their Instagram post confirming the info.

Setting up for our brand new show tomorrow. All brand new No Man's Sky Material. No danger.

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65daysofstatic has long been confirmed as the provider of the music in the upcoming Hello Games title. They?re a math rock band, so mellow tunes for ambient sceneries might not be common in the upcoming game. However, the music won?t be as loud either, if we?re basing it on their Supermoon song on Soundcloud. Perhaps the procedural generation music will also modify their songs as the game progresses.

According to Gameranx, the math rock approach helps the game stand out from other soundtracks of procedurally generated games. Minecraft almost always had a chill piano tune as you walked and worked your character out of daylight. The music was comforting as you do repetitive actions to have resources for your building project.

Meanwhile, the band recently released an album that was supposed to be launched with the game. The release of No Man?s Sky was pushed back to August, but the album is now available, as seen on the Lacedrecords site. The Supermoon song is also available online on Soundcloud, so you can check it out first. You?ll be hearing a lot from the soundtrack in the game, but it might be better to actually know the song titles in the long run.

Aside from the game?s music, the 65daysofstatic concert may possibly offer updates about No Man?s Sky gameplay and current progress. After the delay announcement, Hello Games hasn?t announced anything about the game?s status, though Sean Murray previously talked about in-game algorithms on his Twitter account.

Hello Games or 65daysofstatic may announce something about the game on the band?s concert itself. After all, it?s only two months before the release of the anticipated game. No Man?s Sky will be released on both the PlayStation 4 and the PC in August.

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