No Man’s Sky Price Should Only Be $20?

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No Man's Sky

No Man?s Sky will hit shelves on June 21 and much has been said about its gameplay, trailer, features, price and Sony?s love for the game. As for No Man?s Sky?s pricing, people want to know if the game will still be priced at US$60. Well, the game is huge, gameplay is almost never ending and it is introducing some new game mechanics. But does it really deserve the cost of a full AAA title?

Hello Games said that No Man?s Sky offers a procedurally generated universe. We have already talked about the game?s features in a previous report. Those unfamiliar with the game should note that No Man?s Sky will make new content by itself whenever you visit a planet or jump out of atmosphere. Is this something new? There are players who spent nearly a thousand hours playing Skyrim and just repeating some quests. But No Man?s Sky promises to astound people with different flora and fauna in the millions of procedurally generated planets. But, remember that No Man?s Sky doesn?t even offer you quests or missions. Spending US$60 on No Man?s Sky will definitely not be worth for you once the hype of so many planets and massive gameplay hours disappear.

Players will be left with a single thing ?travel between planets, collect resources, kill weird creatures everywhere and protect yourself from their attack. Can?t we get all this between US$10 to US$20? Undoubtedly, a US$20 to US$30 is honestly the maximum amount a gamer should spend on a game like No Man?s Sky unless Hello Games delivers an actual MMO that offers a proper storyline and challenges instead of creating countless planets that one cannot even visit in their whole life.

While other indie games are available in the US$15-$25 price range, the indie developer Hello Games has already confirmed that their game will be available for US$59.99.

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