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No Man’s Sky Pre-Order Bonus Content Is Screwing Players

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No Man?s Sky

After months of anticipation, Hello Games? most anticipated title, No Man?s Sky, has finally launched. A Day One update will bar the game?s full experience from the start. As expected from today?s releases, the game isn?t safe from issues and bugs. One particular issue is causing great deals of annoyance to players, and it roots from the pre-order bonus. This issue was not among those previously stated in the leak.

Those who pre-ordered No Man?s Sky will be given a code to redeem a ship. Most players would redeem the code upon starting the game, but there?s a good reason why players shouldn?t get it immediately. A few players shared their experience with the annoying bug on Reddit.

The pre-order ship comes pre-installed with a Warp Drive. This means that the ship from early on will be replaced with a new one that?s already able to quickly traverse the galaxy. Getting the pre-order ship immediately also cuts out a huge part of the tutorial, which is very disadvantageous with a game as huge as No Man?s Sky. Most particularly, parts about stations and shopping will be cut out from the tutorial.

It?s easy to know in-game that you shouldn?t get the pre-order bonus ship upon starting the game. However, the main issue is that a notification saying the player has unredeemed items will persistently pop up if you don?t claim it immediately. The message will pop over tutorial objectives and really ruin the gaming experience. Basically, players are left to choose between getting the pre-order ship with Warp Drive immediately and suffer its consequences or hold out until the lengthy tutorial is done before redeeming it.

There?s no current workaround to the issue aside from not redeeming the code. If it?s a little too late and No Man?s Sky players have already redeemed the ship, they could either start over and disable the pre-order items or live with the consequence of redeeming it early on. There?s also a chance that Hello Games might introduce a fix soon.

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