No Man’s Sky Pre-Order Bug: Can’t Find Hyperdrive? Hello Games Asked to Release Patch Now

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It seems that there is a No Man?s Sky pre-order bug. A Reddit user dubbed McBlurry posted about his experience on getting stuck in a system because of having no ship that has a hyperdrive ability. Without a hyperdrive ability, players couldn?t jump from a star system to the other. This is said to be caused by a pre-order bug. Many have contacted Hello Games regarding such ?bug.? There is no word yet if a patch will be released for this.

Players who pre-ordered the game were offered a better starting ship with an extra inventory slot. If players would choose to play with this ship, they would begin the game with a hyperdrive. The hyperdrive is a very essential component of a ship and it is vital for further exploration. Not having this component would be tantamount to just getting stuck in one system. This is no fun at all. This is what happened to McBlurry and other users who might have done something pretty early–when they were excited and clueless. That thing is claiming the pre-ordered ship before the tutorial about acquiring the hyperdrive blueprint for how to build a hyperdrive.

How did this happen? Well, No Man?s Sky posts messages in the lower right corner of the screen telling players who pre-ordered that they have unclaimed rewards. One of these is the pre-ordered ship that already has the hyperdrive. The game will then skip, according to McBlurry, the tutorial about how to make a hyperdrive without notifying the player about future consequences. The worst consequence is that when players purchase another ship that has no hyperdrive (like McBlurry did), they do not have the ability to create it and are thus stuck in a star system. This led McBlurry to just delete his save and start over.

One thing players can do to avoid this debacle is to finish the hyperdrive tutorial first before claiming the pre-ordered ship. Jeffrey Matulef in Eurogamer revealed though that unlike McBlurry, they had not encountered a ship that is without a hyperdrive. In a procedurally generated universe of that scale, variabilities in user experiences and versions are likely possible. Matulef too has contacted Hello Games about this bug.

Did this No Man?s Sky pre-order bug get to you? Leave your thoughts below.

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