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No Man’s Sky Portals: What Are They For And How To Use Them

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Hello Games gave players the daunting task of exploring the vast universe it has created in No Man?s Sky as well as the tons of secrets it holds. The tutorial doesn?t say all the important know-hows, and players are left with a few basic knowledge to play the game. One of the current mysteries in the game are the portals. What are No Man?s Sky Portals and what can we exactly do with them?

Where To Find Portals

Portals are huge monuments that are rectangular in shape. They can easily be distinguished by their looks alone. Not every planet has a portal, so players shouldn?t expect to see one whenever they reach a planet. Also, no one has been able to come across a portal through a Signal Scanner yet, so the best way to find one is by using the starship, flying low and looking for tall structures.

What Are They For

It?s speculated that No Man?s Sky Portals will bring players to another area. It?s possible that portals will bring players to an area that can?t be accessed by ships, but since they aren?t that rare of a find, it could just be a portal to another planet. Activating one could allow a player to easily traverse two planets in a few steps.

How To Activate It

Players are doing all they can in a bid to activate the No Man?s Sky Portals but to no avail yet. Some of the theories include the player pushing a golden ball into the portal but to no avail. For now, players are left with nothing but a few theories. One player suggests that all the portals discovered so far are exits. The only thing confirmed for now according to Redditors is that Atlas Stones alone will not activate the portal.

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