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No Man?s Sky Portals: Travel To Another Solar System Before Hello Games’ Major Update

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No Man?s Sky Portals

Players can now activate No Man?s Sky portals through mods. Mod creators have developed a solution for activating the portals in the game. Since the game?s launch, the company has been silent on how to activate the feature. However, it now seems that players won?t have to figure it out as those on PC?can simply activate them by using mods.

The new mod developed by a fan changes the look of the portals. ?The mod description suggests that players can enter into a new solar system while they?re in their ship. If the player gets closer to the portal, he will be transported into the new location along with the ship.

The information on the?No Man?s Sky portals?mod says players will be taken to a new solar system. Many fans previously shared their own theories on where the portal takes players.?The mod makers might have chosen to make portals transport players to another solar system in order to maintain the game’s progression focus on travelling closer to the center of the galaxy.?

There are three mod packages available, and each of them have their own versions depending on the players? choice. Since using the mods may harm your gameplay and Hello Games has not verified the mods, you must be aware of the risks before you try them.

The new mod is the supposed workaround for activating the portals. Hello Games promised the portals long ago, but players did not know how to activate them . After tinkering with the game, players were still unable to activate the portals and many believe that Hello Games will release an update to make it functional.?

However, those who have successfully managed to use the mod claim that it works for them. The activation of No Man?s Sky portals is reportedly easy with it.

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