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No Man?s Sky Portals: What Could Be At The Other Side?

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The portals in No Man?s Sky remain to be a big mystery. Aside from how to actually activate the portals, another secret players are yet to unfold is what?s behind each portal. There are a ton of speculation as to what?s behind them, and while players are busy trying to activate the landmarks, we have a few ideas on what players should expect behind the No Man?s Sky portals.

A Planet Closer To The Center

It?s very likely that the portals will serve as a shortcut so players can achieve the goal of reaching the center much quicker. Players may be taken to a different galaxy or star system. The problem is, starships may not be transferrable to the planet behind the portal, and players may be left with a choice as to whether or not they?ll keep all their starship and the item it carries or proceed to an area for a quicker way to the center. Choosing the latter shouldn?t pose too much of a problem as Transmission Towers can easily locate broken ships in a planet.

An Area Inaccessible By Starships

Since Hello Games is already delving in into the science of space exploration, it?s not far-fetched that the No Man?s Sky portals will bring players to an area inaccessible by any other means, possibly in a different dimension. The area could have rare materials up for grabs and possibly a better look into the game?s lore.

A New Ending?

The Day One patch for No Man?s Sky reveals that the game will have multiple endings. So far, players have figured out what happens if they follow the path of the Atlas in their journey. Passing through No Man?s Sky portals may trigger one of the endings in the game. This is very likely considering how difficult a task it is to actually get the portals going.

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