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No Man’s Sky Portals: New Clues Surface Online

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Of all the hidden secrets and undiscovered mysteries in No Man?s Sky, none is a bigger subject than the Portals. Until now, no player has gone through a Portal despite the game already being several weeks old already. The closest everyone has ever gotten to solving the mysteries is through theories. A new Portal discovery doesn?t give out new steps to activating it; it instead confirms that the No Man?s Sky Portals do lead to somewhere.

Redditor mymathlabsuck made a few discoveries in the game?s codes, and it revealed a few interesting lines:

  • ????????<TITLE>Alien Artifact signature detected<><lf>Language of local alien species available
  • ????????<TITLE>Alien Monolith marker detected<><lf>Unidentified presence confirmed
  • ????????<TITLE>Portal detected<><lf>Gateway to another world now accessible

The player then theorizes that No Man?s Sky Portals can be located through a beacon, which is similar to how a Transmission Tower looks for a downed ship.

The next couple of lines detail how the player will be given a set of specific choices in front of the monolith, with the end result about how an ?ancient force? blesses the player?s journey.

Then the next lines of dialogue talk about a Doppelganger and how it will leave a special Multi-tool to the player. This has been one of the rumors before, and the dialogue only further confirms the theory. After a couple of correct responses, the player?s Doppelganger will leave the special Multi-tool that could be used for the No Man?s Sky Portals. Another line worth noting is, ?The doppelganger leaves me an exosuit technology blueprint,? meaning the player could also get an exosuit upgrade blueprint from the doppelganger.

The line ?The strange structure is a gateway to another planet. A locked passage through the cosmos to an alien world.<lf>? reveals that the area behind the Portal is a new planet. Now that these info have been uncovered, all that?s left now is for players to find out how to activate these series of events themselves.

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