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No Man’s Sky Portals: What We Know So Far

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No Man's Sky portals

There are a lot of mysteries and secrets in No Man?s Sky, and uncovering all of them is just part of the journey. One of the unsolved mysteries for now are the portals which players can come across in some of the planets. Although portals have been introduced by Hello Games long before the game released, we?re still unable to decipher these mysterious locations. Here?s everything we know so far about No Man?s Sky portals.

It?ll Take Players ?Somewhere?

Even Hello Games is quite cryptic on what the portals are for. The developer?s post about portals way back in 2014 states that the five methods of travelling are ?walking across the surface of planets, flying in their atmospheres, jetting into space, warping between systems and finding mysterious portals, which take you ? somewhere??

There are a few speculations as to where the No Man?s Sky portals lead players to. There?s a chance that the portals will direct players to a different planet, one that is closer to the center. There?s also a possibility that it will lead to an area filled with a lot of rare materials; materials that one wouldn?t normally find in great quantities.

Just Temporary Visits

Regardless of how little we know about No Man?s Sky portals, it?s a bit obvious that the areas behind portals are not meant to be explored by players for long amounts of time. For starters, it?s likely that players can?t bring along their starships through a portal. This means that the method of transportation on the other side is through walking only. If it is another planet on the other side and they couldn?t use the portal to go back, the only way players can go back into outer space is by finding a broken ship, but it would take a lot of effort. This includes looking for a Signal Scanner and the appropriate materials to fix the broken ship on foot.

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