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No Man’s Sky Portals Activated By ‘Mystical’ Multi-Tool?

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Portals remain to be the biggest mystery in No Man?s Sky regardless of how many secrets the in-game universe holds. Players have done the craziest things including pushing a golden ball into the portal before shooting it, but the structure still won?t activate. When all hope is lost, the one thing players can rely on for hints is the game?s data itself. Are we one step closer to unlocking the secrets of the No Man?s Sky portals?

Redditor thegtabmx made a pretty detailed post on how the No Man?s Sky portals could work. He did so by scouring the game?s files, and he discovered that the monoliths and the game?s lore could be the key in unlocking the portals.

According to the player, there are seven monoliths that can provide players with a special multi-tool. If not a new multi-tool, it could also give a blueprint for a special item that unlocks the portal.

One of the special monoliths is named Explorer Monolith 4 in the game?s code. Once activated, a doppelganger of the player will appear and players will be faced with three choices: to give a multi-tool, to give a propulsion gel, or to shoot the doppelganger. Choosing to give a multi-tool initiates the message, ?We hand each other our multi-tools before the doppelganger disappears. The mirror-me fades, but the gift can remain.? The Redditor theorizes that the multi-tool will play a large part in the game.

The other monoliths also give the player something very special. It?s likely that these may be the keys to the portal. If that?s not the case, then the special equipment gathered from the monoliths may hold a ton of power or special upgrades for the player.

Since there?s no actual location for the special monoliths, players can finish the game without coming across one. It seems that getting through the No Man?s Sky portals require a lot of luck as well.

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