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No Man’s Sky PlayStation VR Version Not Possible Because Of This Problem

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No Man's Sky

A No Man’s Sky?PlayStation VR version is not possible if the game remains in its current state. While Sean Murray is expecting huge changes in the game?s PS4 Neo version, fans who are playing the game on PS4 have started facing problems with the gameplay. Many players have reported frame rate drops in the game.

While everyone is expecting the game to arrive on new consoles and hardware systems, it seems that No Man’s Sky?needs some big technical improvements. Regarding the PS4 version, a report from Digital Foundry suggests that the gameplay is capped to 30fps. Though it was developed to run on 30fps, players are dealing with frame rate drop issues.

Many players are experiencing a sudden drop in framerate while playing No Man’s Sky. It is being said that random framerate drops frequently occur. However, the report claims that the frame rate issue are rare and occurs when the player explores a planet on foot. The procedurally generated environment doesn?t cause any trouble to the game until you board a ship.

The major frame rate issues are observed when the game engine is stressed, and it happens whenever the player is in a fast motion and while moving from one planet to another. The same issues occur when the game generates new environment when the player flies. It is possible that Hello Games may introduce an update for the game to fix the problems.

Because of such issues, a PlayStation VR currently isn?t possible. Games in Sony?s VR peripheral need games to be at least 60fps without frame rate drops in order to make the game feel immersive. ?Although the VR version of the game might be different than the current one, the current No Man’s Sky?frame rate issues can be taken as a lesson by the developer so they can deliver a lag-free gameplay for the upcoming hardware systems including PlayStation VR as well as PS4 Neo.

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