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No Man’s Sky PC Release Date: How To Play It In Mac

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No Man?s Sky PC release date will be on August 12 worldwide. It is available on different sites. This highly anticipated game promises 18 quintillion possible planets to explore. It also offers players a wide variety of flora and fauna, upgrade items and a real freestyle role-playing game in a grand scale. But apparently, this is just available for Windows for now. There is no news yet regarding its release on Mac.

So, what if you are a Mac user and you don?t want to miss out on the No Man?s Sky craze, then don?t. There are ways that you can play on PC on your Mac. You might already have heard of Boot Camp. This feature is already built into your Mac OS X/macOS. Matt Egan of Macworld points out that this offers you the best performance as it lets your Mac?s hardware dedicate all of itself to run the Windows OS.

Other options such as VMware Fusion as this just offers virtualization. This halves your Mac?s hardware capacities as it runs two operating systems at the same time. This, though, enables you switch from one to the other quickly. This goes without saying that some quality in your hardware?s performance will be lost.

Both of these options will need you to go get a licensed Windows 10 OS though. We recommend using Boot Camp. Below is a quick guide on how to do it. Thanks to the useful are provided by Matt Egan in his article on Macworld.

Installing Windows 10 via Boot Camp on Mac Quick Guide

  1. Get licensed version of Windows 10. Click here to download. Choose 64-bit.
  2. You will need a USB drive with 16GB of free space to add Windows Installer and other Boot Camp files.
  3. After downloading, open Boot Camp assistant. Tick Create a Windows 10 install disk and Install Windows 10
  4. Insert the USB drive and select the Windows 10 .iso file using the Boot Camp assistant
  5. Boot Camp will turn your USB drive into a Windows 10 boot stick copying the .iso plus the Boot Camp drivers
  6. Partition your hard drive. 20GB is the minimum, try to push towards 30GB. Also, if you can afford to lose more, do it.
  7. After partitioning, click Install.
  8. Installation takes time and it may restart a few times and even have the ?We?re getting your PC ready? screen. This is a good sign even if it stays there for 15 minutes or longer.
  9. Computer will reboot after installation. It usually goes to Windows 10 so you could see the Windows set up screen. It may also reboot to OS X. This is not a problem. Whenever you reboot, just hold the Option/Alt key to choose which operating system to launch.
  10. Enter product key and select Windows Boot Camp partition to install on. Just follow the installation process.
  11. Install the Boot Camp drivers on the USB stick. Find them and run setup.exe to install them. Enjoy Windows 10 on Mac.
  12. Now, you can download No Man?s Sky from available sites. Check this article to find out where and what the best option is for you.

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Here is a good video tutorial to help you out as well.

Are you going to play No Man?s Sky on Mac? Don?t forget the No Man?s Sky PC release date is on August 12.

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