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No Man’s Sky Patch Notes: What To Do With Your Pre-Launch Save? Patch 1.03 An Anti-Piracy Ploy?

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No Man’s Sky ? the?action-adventure sci-fi survival video game is set for global launch on Aug. 9. This game was developed by Hello Games for Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows (PC). The creators at Hello Games have released No Man’s Sky patch notes prior to the scheduled launch.

Unlike other games,?No Man’s Sky is quite unique not just because of the complexities of the game, but also because it has gone through much. Starting with four years of development, many bugging issues, followed by delays in release, and not to forget the legal mess and the death threats, the founder and programmer Sean Murray has seen it all.

But, surprisingly, none of the problems mentioned above affected the popularity of this game. In fact, Murray took to Twitter in July to announce that the game has gone gold. For those uninitiated, the terminology “going gold” translates to the official completion of game development.

In the latest?update 1.03, the No Man’s Sky patch notes say fans of this game just have to install the update before playing the game. In case, you are already using an ?unofficial copy? of the game, the notes say the ?save game? will work even after installing the update. However, sadly, the player will ?miss out on the new content and experiences? in case he/she doesn?t delete the save prior to the update.

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With so much?hype and hoopla, candidly, nobody expected such a throttling patch on the day of release. From the patch notes, it?s clear that No Man?s Sky team is indirectly forcing its fans to opt for the official version of the game and thereby, flipping the finger at the prevailing piracy.

The note clearly says ? ?We highly recommend deleting your save if you have played before updating your game (we won?t do this in future, but it?s a day zero update).? Also, No Man?s Sky servers will reportedly be wiped out on Sunday (Aug. 8) and also on Monday prior to the launch.

Murray tweeted on Aug. 6 saying ?If you are reviewing/playing our game without our update, on a leaked copy, then please don’t. It’s not what players will experience.?

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