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No Man?s Sky Patch: New Changes In Experimental Update

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No Man?s Sky Patch

Over the last couple of weeks, Hello Games has been busy with the No Man?s Sky patch. The company has already added four patches for both the PC and PS4 versions. Now the Steam database suggests that there?s a patch released for the game, and it brings some major changes and fixes. The file size of the update?is 98.1MB, and there?s another patch which is 51.8MB in size.

Hello Games has not released patch notes for the update. Players took it upon themselves and started collecting information about the changes they observed after downloading the No Man?s Sky patch. The experimental update changes the way players upload their discoveries.

According to players, uploading discoveries in has become easier than before. The process now only requires one key press. It no longer requires players to use ?E? and the wand together. The latest No Man?s Sky patch also changes the size and height of many subspecies. Those who have downloaded the update say that the change can be observed in the discovery menu and on the visor as well.

The new No Man?s Sky patch also made terrains load faster. Players have confirmed that the dissolve effect also happens faster than before. Other improvements and changes observed by players include enhancement in fps and a?fix to the item stacking issues. The 5th wanted level bug has also been addressed by Hello Games.No Man?s Sky Patch

After updating the game with the latest patch, players also report that there are some improvements in fps. Some players have observed significant improvements when they restarted the game.

Meanwhile, though the studio tried to fix the problems and enhance the gameplay with the latest No Man?s Sky patch, players have discovered a new bug. An image shared by a Redditor suggests that the atmospheric clouds are now covering the objects.

Hello Games has not released the patch notes, so there are chances that many of the changes are still undiscovered. The company released patch notes for their previous updates, so those interested in checking the technical details about the latest No Man?s Sky patch can head to the official log page of Hello Games.

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