No Man’s Sky Patch 1.04 Arrives for PC and PS4 Players

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It was a disappointing feat with No Man?s Sky struggling to make a big launch despite the leak of the game prior to its launching. Long after the issue came out, fans were a bit disappointed over the game?s missing feature. And recently, it was Hello Game?s Sean Murray who took the effort to tell fans that No Man?s Sky is NOT a multiplayer game.

Now, No Man?s Sky is receiving Patch 1.04 solely for PC and PS4 platforms. Apparently, Patch 1.04 is needed to address the stability of the game. Despite the lack of details, Murray promised that No Man?s Sky Patch 1.04 will improve the overall performance of the game.

In his recent twitter posts, Murray said ?Even though less than one percent of players have raised support issues, we’re going to resolve roughly 70% of them this week.? This was followed by another tweet that says ?Patch notes incoming but PC build adds support for more hardware + improves frame rate at low spec. PS4 improves stability + lots more :).?

Some of the few problems cited by fans is the game?s recurring crash glitch. One player said on reddit that the game crashed at least 12 times, five times in one planet and despite his eagerness to continue, he opted to stop in order to save his game. Others report that their game crashes whenever they use the hyperdrive.


Another reddit player said that the game crashes basically on everything he does like, saving the game, when warping, when he dies or when he tries to travel to a new planet.

Everybody seems to be looking forward to the No Man?s Sky patch 1.04, hoping to level up their game to a better gaming experience. Meanwhile, Kotaku reported that the first player who has not left the first planet in No Man?s Sky, Jorgen Fernandez, 27, said ?I did enjoy my time [on Kahbaatangs]…one thing is for sure, I can?t wait to leave and explore the rest of the galaxy.?

Have you downloaded the No Man?s Sky Patch 1.04? What have you noticed in your game after? Don?t miss the latest news on No Man?s Sky by reading TheBitBag.com.

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