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No Man?s Sky: No Hyperdrive And Antimatter? Here’s How To Get One

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No Man?s Sky

No Man?s Sky is finally available on PS4, but players are facing some problems with the game. Besides the frame rate issues pointed out by many players, there?s a hyperdrive bug in the game. When a player redeems the pre-order ship, it replaces the original one you have, even if the starship is still in a broken state. An almost similar thing happens when you lose Antimatter. Here?s the trick to get those two essential items in the game.

When your ship doesn?t have a hyperdrive, you will see a Distress signal randomly pop out on your screen. It will happen when you visit some other planet. Going to that place will start the hyperdrive quest, which net you this important item that you can attach to your starship.

A player also shared another trick if your starship doesn?t have a hyperdrive installed. The user suggests for fellow explorers to go into Options and select ?Reload Previous.? After doing this, players will automatically be given the hyperdrive formula.

Losing Antimatter also causes trouble to players.Those who want to get it can follow a simple trick shared by a fan. To get Antimatter in No Man?s Sky, just attach your hyperdrive which you can get by following the abovementioned method. Once your hyperdrive is attached to your ship and you?re lacking fuel, you?ll start receiving distress signals. According to the Reddit user, this signal is usually sent by an NPC which will give you the antimatter formula for free.

Since the developers has yet to announce a fix or even a workaround to these problems, players have been desperately waiting to get these items back after losing them. There are many other No Man?s Sky tips and tricks players can check here on TheBitBag such as how to earn units fast and how to increase your inventory space.

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