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No Man’s Sky Update: Why You Shouldn’t Expect A Holiday Patch

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For those gamers who are still hoping that there will ?be another No Man?s Sky update, you better?stop now and rid yourselves from disappointment. It seems obvious now that a Christmas update won’t be happening. After all, Christmas has come and gone. There’s also no signs that?Hello Games will release a new patch on or before the New Year.

No New No Man’s Sky Update Before 2016 Ends

After the success of the Foundation update, there are no signs of movement on their part. This has been observed for almost two weeks already. As seen on SteamDB, the last internal update was 12 days ago.

Prior to the hiatus of Hello Games, there has been multiple movements seen in line with the internal build of the game. This has been going on for months until the Foundation update was finally released. With no movements like this, it’s possible only a minor patch will be coming our way.?Hopefully we can expect this minor update before the year ends or early on next year.

It can be due to the fact that the team has finally decided to take some well-deserved rest and relaxation. They can also be more cautious now?in releasing new content in order to avoid introducing new game-breaking bugs.

Furthermore, there is also a possibility that the game is sparing itself for another ?hot seat hater bashing? moment like what it encountered previously. They have probably learned that rushing the game just to reach a deadline is not a wise decision to make and they’re most likely applying this principle for their patches.

This is a good move on their part so as to avoid similar mistakes like missing features, unresolved bug issues and other major errors. Committing such errors again can cause even more damage to the game?s reputation.

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The only thing we can look forward to is a minor patch update (patch 1.14). This would probably include some minor bug fixes and tweaking, but nothing more. So once again, don?t expect much that there will be a No Man?s Sky update for this holiday season.

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