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No Man’s Sky News & Update: New Leveling Up System Arrives on the PS4 Exclusive

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Game developer ?Hello Games? has initially revealed a new leveling up system on ‘No Man’s Sky”?that will require the players to technically explore nature. In fact, the whole landscape is set to contain things that are explorable; something that players will need to carefully tackle in order to compete with the new leveling up system. Yes, it?s definitely a whole new mechanism that players will have to adjust to.

Director Paul Weir stated, ?It’s landscape generation, there are creatures, so it’s AI behavior on the creatures. There’s weather systems, ecosystems, and your job is to explore them [planets], to gather resources, to have adventures, to avoid being attacked by the creatures, to level up – there’s a whole leveling up mechanic which we haven’t actually shown publicly yet.”

Meanwhile, it was creative director Sean Murray who took the effort to explain to fans why ‘No Man’s Sky’?took longer to launch. Apparently, the complexity of the game is no match to the small team that is actually working on it. In his statement, Murray said ?This is a type of game that hasn’t been attempted before, by a smaller team than anyone would expect, be under an intense amount of expectation.?

Murray, however, assured fans that the development of the game has been going smoothly and lauded the team?s work for dedicating their time, talent and effort to deliver the game on time.

?No Man?s Sky? is bound to interact with its explorers from different regions; a chance meeting they call it and the best way to experience that is by journeying to the Center of the Universe. ‘No Man’s Sky’?will be available on the PC and the PS4 platform starting August 9 in Northern America while Europe and UK will have it on August 10, 2016.

?No Man?s Sky? is a science fiction adventure survival video game that puts the player in the position of an explorer of the uncharted universe. There, they will be able to interact with the things in the universe while trying to overcome the challenges that hinders them to explore more of the place.

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