?No Man’s Sky? New Features Since Launching: Advanced Combat Techniques, Exploits Removed, Bigger Galaxies, Etc.

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Fans have been waiting for years for No Man?s Sky to be out. It has been three years since it was first announced in E3 in 2013. It was very promising then, and now, after years of tweaking and upgrading, it is out. Some managed to get early versions of the game and were all ecstatic. This furthered the excitement. Everyone thought that what they had was already it.

But, it wasn?t so. Sean Murray and his Hello Games team found it fitting to improve the game the first minute it was out by announcing a Day 0 patch. It added a lot of features that early version owners did not get to experience. It?s also a little funny that for these new features to work, they will need to delete their saves.

So, what are the No Man?s Sky new features that is supposedly making an awesome wonderfully more awesome? A lot!

First, Murray and his team added Three Paths. This gives players some storylines that they can follow. Originally, No Man?s Sky was touted to be a ?pure? RPG game that you choose whatever you want. Now, it seems it will give in to our pattern and meaning seeking minds.

No Man?s Sky will have advanced combat techniques. The space battles in previews looked way awesome already. With the patch, break drifting and critical hits are introduced. The frequency of the appearance of Pirates was also increased. Bounty missions are now available too. Larger battles can now happen as well.

Early version owners found exploits in the game–the infinite warp cell exploit and the rare good trading exploit. These will be removed in the new patch. These exploits ruin the whole No Man?s Sky experience as it allows users to cut corners and rob them to stop a while and smell the alien roses. Maybe, there will be some more exploits that users will discover. It?s likely that Murray and his team will correct them in the future too.

The No Man?s Sky universe itself has also received a tweak from the finger of its god. Hello Games introduced new variety in the universe. They also increased the shapes and sizes of galaxies. Galaxies are now up to 10x bigger than in the early version. Creatures also have become more diverse in ecology and density. Ship diversity has also been increased.


What do you think of these No Man?s Sky new features? Hello Games will also be adding new features like freighters and base-building.
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