No Man’s Sky Multiplayer: Sean Murray Gives New Details For PS4 & PC Players

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No Man's Sky

Recently, No Man?s Sky Update 1.03 rolled out, bringing changes not only to the game?s features but also its multiplayer system. Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray has repeatedly affirmed that multiplayer won?t be a central focus of their upcoming game. However, the recent features to be added in the game may actually encourage players to find each other and enjoy the game together from a manageable distance. Here?s what we know about the additions to No Man?s Sky Multiplayer on its release.

Finding friends

Previously, Murray explained that it?ll be difficult to find other players in the vast No Man?s Sky universe. However, this might not be the case as the new update allows players to scan discovered star systems in the game. Players can trace each other?s location by following their progress or travel path in the game.

When playing the game with known friends, you can opt to chart the galaxy first and see if you can find a common star system or space station to meet up on. Space Stations will now have bars and trading hubs which are perfect places to hang around while waiting for your friends to reach your position.

Base building

While there are no exact details on Update 1.03 and it only confirms base building, such feature will be important in the No Man?s Sky Multiplayer. Some players may want to have a common home planet with their friends. Once you?ve built a base, you can now have a little town of your own where you can stash your loot, enjoy the game?s scenery, and just chill out in the game.

Due to the game?s massive scale, it?s possible that players may soon be able to start cities of their own similar to Starbound from Chucklefish Games. However, this NPC city system may be too complicated, expansive, and game-changing for a Day 1 patch. It?s possible that base building may just be limited to superstructure building and player character use when it comes out. At best, players shouldn?t even worry about server downtimes as the game can be played offline.

More than improving the game?s multiplayer focus, base building may also make the game a little more friendlier to offline players. If lone players ever get tired of wandering and charting planets in the game, they can resort to making buildings like a city of their own or their personal fortress of solitude. These major updates will come in free according to the game?s ?official site, so the game may actually turn out to be more than just an exploration simulator.

Despite all of these features that may possibly help players find one another, Sean Murray says it will still feel impossible to cross paths with your friends. We will have to wait and see if finding others is possible when everyone gets their hands on No Man?s Sky this August 9 for PS4 players and August 12 for PC gamers.

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