No Man’s Sky Multiplayer: No Netcode To Find Other Players?

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Does the current version of No Man?s Sky really give you the chance to bump into other players? Unfortunately, according to some players, the No Man?s Sky multiplayer features don?t seem to work as advertised.

Where Is?No Man’s Sky Multiplayer?

A group of fans on?Neogaf have been busy observing the game?s online behavior to deduce why it isn?t possible for players to see?each other while exploring the game?s infinite universe. After scrutinizing the data, they discovered that the game doesn?t transmit any player movement and position data to its servers.

?I packet captured my PS4. When the servers are online, no player movement data is sent to servers, either in space or planet side. It simply doesn’t transmit where you are, or any world sharing information. It does transmit your Discoveries, and a diary of planets you have visited. I imagine that is for the Easter eggs,? said user ResoRai.

Some commenters were quick to debunk these findings, saying that simply looking at packet data will not give you a full picture of how the netcode works. However, there is some evidence that may back up these claims.

The debate over No Man?s Sky?s multiplayer (or lack thereof) kicked into high gear a couple of days ago, when two players live-streaming the game discovered they were in the same section of the galaxy. They quickly coordinated with each other, agreeing to meet on a nearby planet. Once on the planet?s surface, they simply could not figure out how to see one another in-game.

The footage clearly showed that the two players were in different instances of the world. The in-game time of day on their respective games was different, and hitting the pause button would stop the world entirely, a clear indication that it wasn?t a persistent environment. At one point, one of the players tried to deform the terrain with explosives, but the changes weren?t reflected in the other’s game.

Hello Games? founder Sean Murray has long said that bumping into other players in the game would be possible; albeit extremely rare. After the failed meet-up footage hit the web, he quickly commented on Twitter, showing amazement at how two players were able to find each other so soon after the game?s launch. Unfortunately, he didn?t directly address whether the players? failure to see each other was the result of a glitch, server issue, or the game simply working as intended.

What do you think? Was No Man?s Sky?s multiplayer scrapped before launch? Does it have to be patched in? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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