No Man’s Sky Multiplayer: Here’s What Your Character Looks Like

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No Man's Sky

Recently, players have been busy finding ways to connect to each other in No Man?s Sky. However, there are features in the No Man?s Sky multiplayer platform that may disappoint players such as their character models, if players ever successfully meet each other in the game. Here?s what we know so far.

As video from Hugo Peters shows what the character model looks like as seen in the No Man?s Sky PC files. This character model is presumed to be the player character?s avatar, who seemingly doesn?t suit the game?s overall art style. It?s possible that this character model may just be a placeholder player avatar of Hello Games when they were developing the title. The model is in solid green color and may not be a good sight in the game. Alternatively, players can easily find each other in the game if they look visually odd and alien to the world around them, if the game?s systems actually allow them to.

In hindsight, the Korvax faction featured in the promotional No Man?s Sky videos look better than this found character model in the game. Currently, No Man?s Sky pays little attention to the player character?s appearance; hence, the absence of heavy customization features and even a race selection in the game. The game?s procedural generation systems may be in conflict with a race selection system and make the game impossible to create. Hello Games may have also opted to scrap a race selection in order to fit the game?s story. For now, it might be the best for Hello Games to take their time if they?re planning to truly come up with a No Man?s Sky multiplayer feature.

The game?s current features somehow discourage a good multiplayer experience. For example, players can actually pause the game and this would stop the world around you, akin to a regular single player game. Most multiplayer games have soft pauses that only allow players to fiddle with system settings or quit the game. The world pause features per player may prove problematic as some players can grief other people by just repeatedly using the world pause button. No Man?s Sky multiplayer will only happen by a longshot until the game implements a soft pause system.

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