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No Man’s Sky Multiplayer: What Fans Want

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No Man's Sky Multiplayer

Sean Murray and Hello Games promised before that although No Man?s Sky is a single-player experience, players will be able to bump into each other. The promise was debunked when players discovered that it?s not possible for players to see each other. After the Foundation update, fans are hopeful for the game. They might want to see the promised No Man?s Sky multiplayer feature, and here?s what fans want from it.

Fleet Battles

One of the biggest features in the No Man?s Sky Foundation update is base building and Freighters. Freighters are this huge ships that play a really big role in the game. If No Man?s Sky multiplayer features do arrive, fans are hoping that Hello Games would also include PvP battles in the game. If this is the case, massive scale fleet battles would be a really great addition.

Social Features

Exploring the galaxy is pretty fun. It?s a very nice experience in single-player, but it would definitely please some players if they can explore along with a friend. Since the universe is massive, it?ll be pretty hard to regroup with a player you come across ?with. This is where social features would be put to good use. Players should be given the ability to communicate and socialize with other players online. While it might not fit with how the game is actually made to be played, it would be a good change of pace to play with others.

Avatar Customization

If No Man?s Sky multiplayer does arrive, then players will finally see what their characters look like in the game. However, No Man?s Sky doesn?t have character customization. This means that all of the players in the game might have the same avatars. Allowing players to customize their characters even for a little would make the game and multiplayer more in-depth.

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