No Man’s Sky Multiplayer: Exactly How Difficult Is It To Find Other Players?

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No Man's Sky

Previously, Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray himself said that meeting other players isn?t the focus of the game. However, meeting your friends in No Man?s Sky Multiplayer is still possible, albeit the statistical chance is extremely low. However, it could still be possible if you contact your friends to meet on a common point, namely the center of No Man Sky?s universe.

According to Gamespot, an average planet in No Man?s Sky?s is exponentially larger than GTA V, and Fallout 4. More than getting lost in procedurally generated planets, the vast outer space to travel is much more larger than your single planets. Remember that the game will have to make room for 18 quintillion planets, so that?s a significantly large universe to travel on. If that wasn?t difficult enough to find your buddies. Finding your friends ?is an entirely different struggle from just exploring and charting planets on the Atlas.

However, No Man?s Sky players shouldn?t be discouraged as the players still have the power of organizing themselves on external forums. Players could opt to designate a unified region of planets or a solar system to be its social center of No Man?s Sky. Even though the game has more primitive planets than civilized ones, that doesn?t mean players should resign themselves on not making an impromptu city and not meeting other people forever. The extreme chances only apply on random player encounters to greet, which makes it a gold opportunity to enjoy.

Once a significant region of the game?s niverse has been charted, player groups and guilds will start to take refuge in familiar territories. Players could even ask their friends to go for the extra mile in No Man?s Sky Multiplayer and disregard exploring to find the focused solar system that their group is hanging out before aiming to explore somewhere in the universe. The journey could vary from a slightly bearable trek to a full-on crossing many lightyears worth of space travel due to the game?s immense size. Even though Hello Games and Sean Murray didn?t design the game to have a focused multiplayer aspect, players will surely find ways to enjoy the game that even the game developers didn?t intend in the first place.

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