No Man’s Sky Money Guide: Earn Over 10 Million Units In A Few Minutes

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No Man's Sky

Recently, No Man?s Sky players found a way to farm up large amounts of the in-game currency called Units. With a large stack of Units ready to use, players can easily buy the best ships and even upgrades for any trader NPC that they can find. Here?s what we know so far about earning money in the game.

As seen in the video from Arekkz Gaming, players should find a planet that spawns an Albumen Pearl or Gravitino Balls. These items cost around 27,500 Units each, which makes them good items to sell. Both items can just be picked up from a planet, and they often appear in bunches, so they?re reliable sources of income.

However, Sentinels will chase you once you pick up your first Albumen Pearl or Gravitino Ball. You can either fight them off or run away until you find your ship or a safe spot. Once you have these items, sell them at a shop and just rinse and repeat until you think you have a good amount of money. Due to the lack of multiplayer systems, you will not have competition in looting items, so all of the loot is yours.

Doing this trick often may make you familiar with the Sentinels hunting you down and train you in the game?s combat systems. Feel free to stop if this No Man?s Sky trick seems too grindy for you so as not to ruin your gaming experience.

With this money, players can now invest on new ships or for generally upgrading their suit and ship with better specs. Most ships cost around 2 million to 5 million Units, but if possible, aim to buy a ship with many inventory slot spaces. If you?re still up to farming more Albumen Pearls or Gravitino Balls, Inventory space upgrades can further help your character farm more of these money-making items. With enough inventory space, players can simply transport all their items to the starship so they can avoid mundane trips of going back and forth to NPCs.

Despite the bonuses of this No Man?s Sky trick, it?s possible that the game?s currency may become obsolete due to the ease of getting large amounts of it. Hello Games may have to find a way for players to have some sort of money sink to avoid the No Man?s Sky Units from being unusable items in trade, unless they plan on keeping it that way.

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