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No Man’s Sky Update: Next Patch After Foundation Update Announced By Hello Games

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Even though it has received a lot of negative reviews of late, Hello Games is still dedicated when it comes to No Man’s Sky support. It has announced, through Steam following the Foundation Update, that it will release another minor patch soon.

The minor patch is meant to solve a few of reported glitches that players experience during gameplay. These glitches may or may not be a big deal, nonetheless, Hello Games still thrive to sort them out while they can.

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Here is a list of glitches and errors that the patch will solve:

  • Players using keyboards with the ?Azerty? layout, mostly non-English keyboards, will be able to remap the build and quick menu commands.
  • The patch also fixes glitches concerning NPCs not giving mission critical dialogs.
  • While not exactly a solution to the problem, the game screen will now warn players when unsupported mods are in use. The warning message can be dismissed with a click or button press.
  • Messaging on tech that players already know was also clarified in the patch.
Gameplay Screenshot (via

Gameplay Screenshot (via

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  • The patch also fixes issues on third-party monitor detection as well as screen sharing applications.
  • The update also fixes a glitch where core items are transferred from the exosuit to the starship inventory. Unfortunately, the fix does not resolve the issue for those who already experienced the bug. Instead, this update is more like a preventive measure rather than an actual cure. The fix for the those who have experienced the bug will be release on the next update cycle.
  • Fixes issues on some of the rare crashes.
  • Finally, running the game via its .exe file will no longer send init errors to the Steam client.

The game developer also noted that the patch is currently being tested internally. Once the team is sure that it is finally ready, it will release the patch to the public immediately.

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