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No Man’s Sky Procedurally Generated Planets Inspired Mass Effect Andromeda Devs, Bioware Nearly Included The Feature

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A Starship In No Man's Sky
Mass Effect Andromeda Could’ve Shred A Feature With No Man’s Sky [Image Courtesy Of No Man’s Sky Website]

The latest Mass Effect entry in the series wasn’t as stellar as many thought it would be, and despite its good sides, the game failed to live up to the original trilogy’s standards. There are a lot of things that fans expected from the game but sadly, Bioware has the word on what features there are. However, one scrapped feature from the game could’ve made Mass Effect Andromeda better than it is now.

Mass Effect Andromeda Producer Fabrice Condominas recently revealed a few things to Finder Australia while he was touring the country prior to the game’s release. Apparently, the game was supposed to share one of No Man’s Sky’s acclaimed features — procedurally generated planets.

“In the specific case of No Man’s Sky, at the time it was released, we were already deep in development. But we noticed that it was very focused on procedural worlds and we tried that, actually, over a year. Our conclusion at the time was that it wasn’t for us in the sense that it wasn’t for the type of game we were doing. Because all the content we build we try and make to a high quality, but when we tried procedurally generated content we never reached the level of quality we wanted,” said Comdominas.

Instead of No Man’s Sky’s procedurally generated planets, Bioware chose preset planets in Mass Effect Andromeda. What we’re left with is a game with a few explorable planets and huge chunks of areas to explore. Even Bioware doesn’t consider the game as an open-world title.

We’re never going to know how better Mass Effect Andromeda would’ve been if it had procedurally generated planets instead of preset ones, but it could’ve improved the game. One of the qualms that reviewers had in the game was that the planets were barren and boring, and it might’ve been better if things were procedurally generated.

What Bioware could’ve done was to add both preset and procedurally generated planets in the game. There are a lot of planets in Mass Effect Andromeda, but only few are explorable by players themselves. The rest can only be viewed from outer space for players to gather resources via deploying drones.

It would’ve been better if players are allowed to explore procedurally generated planets aside from the preset planets that progress the game’s story. It would’ve been a big improvement for Mass Effect Andromeda and it could’ve gotten the game better scores.

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