No Man’s Sky: Managing The Hype

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No Man's Sky

The demonstrations of No Man’s Sky by Hello Games in wherein they promised a gigantic universe inside the game has left people asking when can they actually play No Man?s Sky. Last year, At Paris Games Week, we were finally given a release window for the highly anticipated game.

When an indie game is so near its launch, players? expectations towards the game usually reach an all time high. But those who have followed news about No Man?s Sky may have observed that Sean Murray, the game?s director, and the team at Hello Games have been so silent about their game.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Murray, said that No Man’s Sky is not very different from other open world games. Despite this, thousands of fans still felt excited because of the unique what mechanics of how players can transition to planets.The title is also promising 18 quantillion planets to explore, each with a unique flora and fauna.

Though we know that it is not very common for any developer to combine familiar elements into a game, Hello Games has done it perfectly with No Man’s Sky. The developer has included role-playing elements along with a strategy and other elements of action games.

Despite the efforts made by Murray and others in the Hello Games team to keep mum about the game to keep players? expectations low, the support from Sony has been a large vehicle in driving the hype train. No matter how players take the game, the feeling that they are exploring an endless universe will decide the fate of No Man’s Sky. It would be interesting to see how players will react when they see other players exploring the same planet that is also being explored by the others.

Will No Man’s Sky live up to the hype? Or will it become one of the biggest disappointment of the year? Despite how much Hello Games tries to try to keep players? expectations low for their game, thousands are already expecting something exceptional because of how ambitious they heard the game is.

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