No Man?s Sky Livestream: Watch Leaked Footage Right Now!

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No Man's Sky Livestream

Recently, Reddit User Daymeeuhn announced that he?ll have another livestream of No Man?s Sky. Fans are intrigued as the game hasn?t been released yet and they want to see the game early. Here?s Daymeeuhn?s Twitch link so you can watch the leaked early gameplay of No Man?s Sky right now.

Due to the game actually closing in on its delayed release date. Two Reddit users were able to procure an early copy of the game. Daymeeuhn was able to purchase a copy for a whopping $1,250 on Ebay while Kengi01 claims he bought it at a Walmart store. The two users have surfaced on Reddit and have been announcing new details and holding streams for the game.

Currently, Daymeeuhn?s stream is on-going and confirms that he?s doing the stream to prove he owns a legitimate copy. Additionally, he said that the stream will only last around 25-30 minutes or up until Twitch cuts off his stream. If you?re interested of some of the game?s early content, you could opt to watch the stream and just close the stream to avoid too much spoilers of the game.

Alternatively, you can opt to check Kengi01?s stream for more No Man?s Sky info. Kengi01 also talks about spoilers in the game?s systems so you should opt to check it out for more first-hand information.

Previously, a Spoiler thread in the game?s subreddit has been put up a week before the game?s release. Daymeeuhn is one of the Reddit users that is considered to be a credible source of spoilers that could bypass the thread?s rules of adding spoiler tags. This exception might be because of Daymeeuhn having an early copy of No Man?s Sky, and it shows on this stream.

More than speculations out of trailers and interviews, Daymeeuhn?s stream shows first-hand experience in the game. Some of the game?s items and systems like Atlaspasses, Black Holes, and Atlas Stations have been explained in the stream. Most of these in-game items and landable space bodies are crucial in order to arrive in the game?s center of the galaxy.

However, Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray discourages players from spoiling the game for themselves. Due to the game?s focus on Space Exploration with survival systems, it might be better to go in the game blind to add more enjoyment and surprise to the game. ?However, No Man?s Sky players may have particular and subjective ways of enjoying the game

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