No Man’s Sky: What Lies at the Center of the Galaxy?

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Reaching the center of the galaxy has been touted to be the goal when playing No Man?s Sky. But what really lies there? That is the grand question. It might not be the end all be all as the game is positioned to be a real RPG where you choose what you do and who you are in the game. Reaching the center of the galaxy though is, at the least, an important objective.


There are many fan speculations which had been laid out. But one who got to explore the No Man?s Sky universe claimed that he already has. He had gotten to it in just 30 hours of gameplay. This man is the infamous daymeeuhn. After posting videos of his gameplay in the interwebs, he regretted and took them down. He also thought that making spoilers was a bad idea so he scaled it down. But from his posts, we can make better speculations about the center of the galaxy than a flying teacup or a spaghetti monster.

Ok, to cut it short, the center of the galaxy is likely a place to get to other galaxies. In the game, players start in the outer regions of one galaxy. There are 18 quintillion (18 with 18 zeros) explorable planets in No Man?s Sky. Our Milky Way Galaxy is estimated to contain at the least 100 billion planets. So, if the game is designed in a lot of ways to resemble the actual universe, then it is likely that the first galaxy that players start in is not the universe nor the last explorable galaxy. Getting to other galaxies in the vast No Man?s Sky universe would require a means to get to it. It is likely the center of the first galaxy.


That could be the soundest theory but hey, we could be wrong. A flying spaghetti monster or a teacup might be there too. Who knows? Oh, wait. Daymeemuhn does. We read that he takes questions but we bet he is flooded with them by spoiler hounds.

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