No Man’s Sky Level Up Feature: What We Know So Far

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No Man's Sky

Recently, No Man?s Sky audio director Paul Weir confirmed a level-up system in the upcoming game. Despite the confirmation, Weir admitted that Hello Games hasn?t really detailed the specifics of the level-up feature. Here?s Sonar+D?s video of Weir talking about No Man?s Sky.

As seen in the video, Weir just confirmed the existence of the level-up feature in the game, but no specific details were discussed. It?s true that Hello Games hasn?t introduced the game?s leveling system yet. Besides the game?s intricate systems, reports on No Man?s Sky usually just revolve around the game?s elements such as the planets, ships, NPCs, space travel, music and the procedural generation system. The game won?t be out until August 9, so there?s still plenty of time for Hello Games to discuss the level-up feature.

Previously, ways to earn in-game currency and resources were discussed. If the leveling feature doesn?t exist, a player?s wealth, resources, and discoveries could be the measure of the progress in the game. Almost everything — from different ships to all-purpose gun upgrades — can be bought or crafted with resources in No Man?s Sky. Character stats have also been confirmed to be dependent on your character?s suit. Besides being a measure of how much experience you?ve gathered in the game, a leveling system in seems arbitrary, unless Hello Games discusses its bonuses.

Other procedurally generated titles bypass the leveling system in the game due to their focus on crafting and letting the experience speak for itself. For instance, in Minecraft, players could gather experience from fallen foes and taking resources, but these points are used for improving equipment instead of passively buffing the character. Hello Games Managing Director Sean Murray has also confirmed that multiplayer social interaction isn?t the focus of the upcoming game, which entirely makes cosmetic levels useless. We can only wait for Hello Games and Murray to clarify the undiscussed level-up feature of No Man?s Sky.

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