No Man’s Sky Leaked Footage; Release Date On Schedule

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Recently, there has been a No Man?s Sky leaked footage that was floating around the internet. It seemed pretty legit as multiple sources have covered it plus there was a response from Sean Murray himself.

The early leak of the game appeared courtesy of a certain Reddit user named ?Daymeeuhn?. He seemed to have purchased it on Ebay for $1,300. This is one heck of a splurge just to get something a week early than everybody else. No Man?s Sky is set to be released on August 9 on PS4 in the US and August 10 for the same platform in Europe. The worldwide PC release will be on August 12. But when asked in a Reddit thread, if Daymeeuhn regrets the purchase he said no. It is pegged to be available for the masses at $60.

He did not just ?brag? about his purchase (it wasn?t really a brag, he truly is a big fan). He streamed the gameplay of the opening sequence and about 24 minutes of gameplay. Much of the No Man?s Sky leaked footage was taken down though.

Credits to VG247 for having a transcript of the stream. It is reported that Daymeeuhn even addressed Sean Murray in it saying ?if you?re watching, I?m an asshole, I?m sorry.? Murray having heard the news got to twitter to warn fans of spoiling it for themselves.

Daymeeuhn, in his Reddit post, said the the first videos that he posted were perfect and that they spoiled nothing. He also said because Hello Games and Sean Murray did not like what he did, he doesn?t want to be the guy that spoiled all the cool stuff for fans. But Daymeeuhn is still open to answering any No Man?s Sky questions and will keep it only to ?text? now. There will be no screenshots or videos.

Is this a happy compromise? It probably is for those who are not spoiler sensitive. But for the purists, they better be prudent on which part of the internet they roam. They just might find videos and what not. Speaking of such things, here are a few remaining Daymeeuhn No Man?s Sky leaked footage here. Not much spoilers though, it?s just him opening the package. Don?t be (too) salty.

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