No Man’s Sky To Launch New Gameplays Soon: Freights & Base-Building

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No Man?s Sky has already been released on PlayStation to the merriment of gamers. For those who want it on PC, you have to wait just a little longer. Remember though, that if you had an early version of the game (for some reason), a patch came out and it requires you to delete your saved game for you to be able to enjoy it.

Now, this patch – update 1.03 – offers way, way more than the early version. Also, there will be more like it that could revolutionize the game. New gameplays are likely to arrive soon.

Let?s see what the base game is suppose to be like first.

On August 8, Sean Murray shared, on the official No Man?s Sky website, that from his very first sit down to write the few lines of code, he already had an idea what emotion he wanted gamers to feel. He revealed that this is to ?wander around an alien planet, and to feel you had discovered it?.

He added that No Man?s Sky is exploring a procedurally generated worlds with fascinating creatures. You would need to survive and craft things to aid survival and your exploration. You would also be trading with non-playable characters (NPC). You could also find yourself in epic battles against robots and mechs.

Murray cleared it up that No Man?s Sky is not a pvp multiplayer or city building game. You would not be able to pilot freighters or build civilizations. He iterated that these are not what No Man?s Sky is.

But there is a BUT.

He revealed that No Man?s Sky might become some of those things over time. In fact, they are already in the phase of adding ?freighters? and ?base-building?. He added that the universe they created is such a large canvas and they have a lot of ideas to work with. For them, this is also the freedom that they want to have in a game.

No Man?s Sky would continue to evolve. This is just the start and it is already awesome.

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