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No Man’s Sky Land Vehicles Update: What We Know So Far About ATVs

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Mass Effect Andromeda Could’ve Shred A Feature With No Man’s Sky [Image Courtesy Of No Man’s Sky Website]

A few weeks after the big Foundation Update, developer Hello Games is looking to add another exciting feature in No Man?s Sky. The feature in question will make travelling inside planets particularly easier, and players won?t have to rely on their feet anymore. Here are the leaked details about the No Man?s Sky land vehicles.

Vehicle Specs

Redditor eegandj shared the recently leaked details about the upcoming No Man?s Sky land vehicles. No Man?s Sky will soon feature ATVs. These special vehicles might have vertical thrusters and jet engines. The ATVs in No Man?s Sky might not only be capable of traversing land faster, but they might also be able to propel itself upwards in a limited distance. This would make getting up elevated areas particularly easier.

There are three technology categories in the ATVs. These include Jetpack, Mounted Guns and Boosters. All of these can be upgraded.

Getting The ATV

Getting the ATV isn?t as simple as fixing a broken down one found in the planet. Players can?t also simply buy a land vehicle. Instead, players will first need to build a Vehicle Terminal that?s supposed to be manned by a mechanic hired from a space station. Once done, players will have to do a set of missions to get the vehicle to work.

The missions starts off with the player using Acid on the battery. After that, players will need to look for a few materials to upgrade the jetpack. The next step is to find Copper Wire for the weapons system. Lastly, players will need to build a garage.

Release Date

We?ve yet to know when the?No Man?s Sky land vehicles update will drop. The leak came from the game files of the current version of?No Man?s Sky?s. Hello Games might once again take us by surprise by suddenly releasing the update featuring the leaked features.

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