No Man’s Sky: Is It An Indie Game?

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No Man's Sky is not an indie game

Hello Games isn?t just creating an endless world in No Man?s Sky; the developers are also creating a whole universe in the upcoming sci-fi game. Despite this feat Hello Games is striving for, numerous fans were disappointed after a retailer leaked that it will be priced like a AAA title. Should fans really expect it to cost like an indie game?

Undoubtedly, the game uses brilliant technology. Despite this, ?no matter how big the game is going to be and how many fans the game already has, there are so many factors that make us think whether one should call No Man?s Sky an indie game or not.

Various reports claim that the game will be priced US$60. The huge budget for the game is definitely a strong sign that No Man?s Sky is not an indie title. Sony has also shed enough spotlight on the title during game demonstrations.

Hello Games has previously released mobile games including Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie, but the quality of No Man?s Sky is nowhere close to such titles.

It would be interesting to see how Sony treats No Man?s Sky once its release date draws near. Sony has already seemingly labeled No Man?s Sky as a AAA game. It would not be a surprise if Sony widely advertises No Man?s Sky on TV. We can only speculate from here on though especially as Sony didn?t advertise their PS4 exclusive ?Until Dawn? that much. Nonetheless, Until Dawn sold well despite the lack of advertisement and this might also happen ot Hello Game?s title.

Even if the game is not advertised on TV, Sony has already documented the whole story of No Man?s Sky in a video dubbed ?The incredible story of No Man?s Sky.? No Man?s Sky, which will be released sometime in June, is a PlayStation 4 console exclusive and will also be available for PC.

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