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No Man’s Sky: In-game Bug Players Might Want To Use Before The Next Update

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No Man's Sky Update
No Man’s Sky Update

Boasting an estimated 18 quintillion planets, nearly endless galaxies, and 10 million discovered species, No Man’s Sky?is massive.

This highly anticipated game has finally been released this week. Gamers are already raving about it. Showing their newest exploits and discoveries. Although the game is evidently still in its early release stage, players have been reporting a lot of in-game bugs. Losing Antimatters and Warpdrive blueprints are just some of the reported bugs.

However, gamers recently stumbled upon a new bug that could potentially help ease gameplay. The said glitch enables players to amass items in their inventory.

Here is a fair warning though. This cheat will significantly reduce the difficulty of your playthrough. As well as getting to the end of the story much, much faster. So, apply at your own risk.

No Man's Sky

In No Man’s Sky, you lose the items in your inventory when you die. However, after you respawned, you can go back to the spot where you died to retrieve your items.

This exploit is fairly easy to do.

First, clear out your ship?s inventory. Make sure the you do this on the ship?s inventory and not the exosuit. Only keep the items you want to duplicate. Make sure you have enough space in your inventory as you?ll need it later.

Next, save the game.

After that, set off. Do something stupid. Perhaps attacking a freighter is a good option as it releases quite a number of sentinels when skirmished. Remember, it is important that you die while you?re in your ship.

Once you respawned, select to load the previously saved game, not the current one. This will give you back your inventory just before the save. After loading, hop back into your ship again.

Set off to your grave marker to retrieve your previous stash.

And there you have it. You basically have duplicated your previous inventory.

Eurogamer?s Ian Higton tested the bug and managed to scrape five Atlas Stones in thirty minutes. A feat that would normally take hours to accomplish.

There?s no telling when Hello Games will release the patch for this bug. However, until then, players still have a chance to benefit from the glitch.

For more No Man’s Sky?gaming guides, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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