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No Man’s Sky Guide: Increase Inventory Space For Exosuit, Starship, And Multi-Tool

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No Man's Sky

Since there are a lot of things to pick up in Hello Games? No Man?s Sky, the inventory is very important. What makes it more important is that each harvested item is vital in either survival or the in-game economy. It?s very weird that players are provided with a very small inventory at the start of the game, and it could be a very annoying issue. Luckily, there are ways to increase storage capacity for the starship, the multi-tool and the exosuit.

Starship And Multi-Tool Capacity

There?s no actual way to increase the capacity of a ship in No Man?s Sky. The best workaround to the starter starship?s capacity is by finding a crashed starship or buying a new one. Starships don?t come in cheap though and will sell from hundreds of thousands to millions of units. If players have enough money, the best place to get a new starship is at space stations where starships dock very often. There are three kinds of starships in No Man?s Sky, and if players are looking for one with massive capacity, then Trader types are the best option.

Like starships, players can only increase the capacity of a multi-tool by finding a different model of it. Trading posts and terminals will sell these items but for 50,000 to 100,000 units.

Exosuit Capacity

Increasing exosuit capacity in No Man?s Sky is a different story. Instead of buying a new exosuit for appropriate needs, players can upgrade the exosuit. To increase the capacity of an exosuit, players should first look for Signal Scanners. This point of interest can easily be identified by orange beams of light. What players should look for exactly are Drop Pods. Players can also use the ?Shelter? option when scanning the area, so finding Signal Scanners with Drop Pods is easier.

Take note that not all Signal Scanners have Drop Pods. It?s also worth knowing that each Signal Scanner require a Bypass Chip to use.

Once the player successfully finds a Drop Pod, he?ll be guaranteed an exosuit inventory expansion. It?ll come free at first but will have increasing cost with each upgrade.

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