No Man’s Sky Gets New Gameplay Footage From 65daysofstatic

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No Man's Sky

Recently, No Man?s Sky soundtrack provider 65daysofstatic held a concert that showcased the game in the background. Other than the music that will be featured in the game, the concert showed in-game footage that fans could take as an indirect announcement. Here?s a Periscope video of the concert posted on Reddit.

65daysofstatic is a math rock band, so you?ll hear such kind of background music in the upcoming Hello Games title. It will be a breath of fresh air for gamers, as most procedurally generated games opt for soft tunes to accompany the player?s adventures in the game. However, the game won?t focus on dissonant percussions as the game?s soundtrack includes the more structured and mellow Supermoon song, as found on Soundcloud.

Meanwhile, No Man?s Sky Reddit fans are already on the case, sleuthing new features found on the concert footage. 65daysofstatic used in-game footage as the background of the concert, so fans tried to find anything new from it. No Man?s Sky Reddit threads from rhinx and blockanton has screenshots of the concert for easy viewing.

The band kept flashing and distorting the in-game content with rapid intervals, which makes it hard to study the new content images easily. However, fans on Reddit said that there?s a possibility for an in-game eclipse, space warp footage, and even a Pyramid, as seen at around the 13:29 mark of the Periscope footage. Additionally, here?s a shorter footage of the concert from Ferran Moya?s Twitter account.

No Man?s Sky was supposed to be released this month, but Hello Games delayed it to polish the game even more. Due to this, No Man?s Sky wasn?t part of of Sony?s E3 2016 show, and fans had to search the event?s every nook and cranny to find traces of No Man?s Sky. Neither Hello Games nor its Managing Director Sean Murray has made huge public appearances or interviews since the delay announcement. However, updates about their progress on the game can be found on Sean Murray?s Twitter account.

No Man?s Sky will be released this August 9, so fans will have to wait for a month and a half before they get their hands on the space exploration game. For more about the game, keep it right here at The BitBag.

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