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No Man’s Sky Gameplay Might Get Boring Fast?

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There?s no denying how ambitious No Man?s Sky is. The game will supposedly have a thousand or more planets to explore, each with its own unique alien race or features. It sounds like a dream come true for those who love roguelikes or randomly generated areas in games because they keep players guessing.

On the other hand, the few gameplay videos seen so far have been very similar. Players travel, get off their spaceship, shoot or befriend some aliens, repeat. While the game isn?t out yet, some gamers fear that the game could be repetitive and boring after a few hours.

Raj Patel, a former Xbox Community Manger, brought attention to the fact that it seems like everyone has seen what the game can offer on his Twitter. Fans have since bombarded him with questions about it, though he stated that he hopes the game has more to it than what has been seen.

WCCFTech has stressed the fact that Patel is only commenting on the gameplay that has been released to the public. Patel hasn?t had a full gaming session with No Man?s Sky yet, so the game could have more depth and complexity than the trailers are letting on.

Still, this does bring up the fact that the game made plenty of promises and it might not live up to player?s expectations. Exploring and shooting might be enough for some gamers, while others will probably want more out of their gameplay experience, though anything too negative about the game has yet to be seen.

No Man?s Sky is currently being developed by Hello Games and is solicited for a June 2016 release date. The epic shooter will be exclusive to the PS4 and PC, with special editions that are available for both platforms. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype, or even at least half of it.

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