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No Man’s Sky Gameplay Features You Didn’t Know You Can Do

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No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky’s release is coming closer and fans are skipping heartbeats with every new detail about the game. ?Of course the game is almost ready to take PS4 and PC users to explore countless planets that can take billions of years for a player to discover. Well, we all know that Sony and Hello Games have big hopes with their new game no matter what people say about its price. No Man’s Sky is a highly anticipated video game and here?s what you?ll get once you are in the game. Here are some interesting No Man?s Sky gameplay features players should know.

There are no missions or quests

In No Man?s Sky, there will be no missions or quests to complete. If your question is how to play No Man?s Sky, then the answer is simple ? it will be up to you to decide your actions in the game. Your level of curiosity about outer space and planets will be the only thing that can keep you interested in the game. This is why it is an exploration game.

There?s No Separate Universe in No Man?s Sky

No Man?s Sky will not feature a separate universe for everyone. The galaxy you play in will be the same for everyone.

Fun is above science in No Man?s Sky

If you are expecting the same scientific accuracy that space agencies follow, then it won?t happen in No Man?s Sky. Travelling between planets will not take much time and it will not affect you in any means.

No inventory but tons of ?resources

No Man?s Sky gives you many resources such as weapons, suits, and they can be combined. While visiting multiple planets, you?ll encounter many alien creatures. The details of these creatures can be found in an inbuilt encyclopedia. Players can reveal the secrets of the universe by finding ancient artifacts.

Money matters

At the beginning of the game, players will be given a lifepod ship. The ship will not feature any hyperdrive and players will have to upgrade it as soon as they can. This can only be done by getting money in the game.

There are ways to earn money:

In No Man?s Sky, the periodic table is used to improve your character?s weapons, costumes and you can also trade them at any space stations. It will give you more money which can be used to upgrade the weapons or to buy more items. Each player will get some kind of a bank account, as reported by GiantBomb. Working for others will give players some money which they can use to buy equipment.

You can actually feel this multiplayer game:

In an interview with Gamespot, Hello Games head Sean Murray said that players can run into others in rare conditions. Players can communicate and work for each other. The most interesting thing is that even if a player runs into another, none of them will know the other one. No Man?s Sky is not an MMO so do not expect any effect on your gameplay due to the activities made by other players. But you can feel that other players are there in the game.

Secret, secrets are everywhere:

Players will find reasons to head to the center of the galaxy. Reaching the center will look like the game is about to come to an end but from there, players will find some more reasons to continue playing. At anytime, you can call on AI wingmen. All you need is a good affiliation and status in No Man?s Sky. No Man?s Sky will also feature an offline mode. The offline mode will restrict players from seeing discoveries made by the others.

No Man?s Sky is scheduled to be released on June 21. More details about the gameplay features can be seen on the leaked images of Edge magazine.

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