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No Man’s Sky: Every Man Should Experience

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Are you all excited to explore 18 quintillion planets in the game “No Man’s SKy?” Photo is a Youtube screenshot from CraigheadproHD at

Finally, the much anticipated space exploration game No Man?s Sky is coming out on June 21. Both Hello Games and Sony have unveiled its release date. Hello Games plans to unveil the PC version together with its PlayStation 4 counterpart, the Verge reports.

According to the CNET, the game is not like anything you have experienced before. Taking the role of the starship pilot, you?ll get to explore through the vast universe of 18 quintillion planets. Although that really seems mind-boggling how developers could come up with that number, these weren?t really made by hand as they are a product of an algorithm, which procedurally generates each one as it is being discovered.

Basically speaking, load time is not the name of the game as it makes things on the fly, io9 reported. By that, it means that each planet will only be created, named and populated as soon as one player gets to visit them. With the number mentioned above, perhaps 99.9 percent of them will never be conquered. So the main goal is to simply EXPLORE.

Hello Games managing director Sean Murray called these inhabitants on some planets NPC (non-player-character) aliens. ?There are bunch of different races in the game? The more you communicate with them, the higher your ranking with each race is. And the higher your ranking, the more options are available.?

Cnet?s reporter revealed players can actually interact with alien races and acquainting yourselves to these alien race?s words ?will help you decipher what a member of that race has to say to you, which could be the difference between life, death and sweet loot.?

On the other hand, io9 also got us some hints as to who we are about to face as enemies, cautioning players that too much exploration, mining and stealing in a planet could get you into a ?wanted level,? alerting the game?s enemies, the Sentinels, to come down and ?things turn into a space-opera version of Grand Theft Auto.? At first you?d think you can easily get away with the little flying bots chasing you, but then larger robots, walkers and, the next thing you know, huge ships, are already behind you.

But perhaps many are wondering what happens if you die? Io9.gizmodo says that before being respawned, players will be welcomed with some of the greatest science fiction quotes from people like Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. And if the mishap occurred in space, you?ll see yourself in a neighboring space station filled with NPCs.

If you feel the game?s regular edition that costs $60 is still not enough, die-hard collectors can avail of the hand-painted ship replica in the $150 Explorer?s Edition. Also, aside from the PlayStation 4, Venture Beat reveals No Man?s Sky is also coming to Steam.

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