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No Man's Sky

Recently, 65daysofstatic?s concert revealed a No Man?s Sky footage as the backdrop for their performance. Moreover, more appearances from groups and people related to the game?s development will also appear in events happening next month. Here?s a quick list of the upcoming events that may announce or show new No Man?s Sky content.

Bluedot Festival

As seen on Bluedot?s site, 65daysofstatic will be one of the bands that?ll play in this concert. The soundtrack providers of No Man?s Sky will appear, but in an unconfirmed timeslot. If we follow the order of the announced bands on-site, they?re the 13th performer in line in the three-day concert. 65daysofstatic may show new gameplay content during their performance, similar to what they did in their concert last week. According to a Clashfinder schedule list of the Bluedot Festival, the 65daysofstatic concert will take place on July 24 at 7:45 PM to 8:45 PM, but this schedule is still subject to change as the status is still on Print Advisory number five. 2016

According to the site, Charles Tangora from Hello Games will give a talk about the procedurally generated animals?in?No Man?s Sky. Tangora will explain how the game?s systems will animate the procedurally generated animals and keep them believable as living creatures in terms of movement. Despite showing heavily variable content that the game?s systems may not produce, it?ll be exciting to see some examples of the output in the upcoming game. The talk will be held on July 20 at University of Vienna?s Juridicum faculty building, but it will also be streamed at a later date.

Meanwhile, Hello Games and Sean Murray have appeared less on the news after they announced that No Man?s Sky will be delayed to an August release instead of June. The two-month delay may mean that the game needs some more polishing to avoid heavy bugs or problems on release. If proven defective on its first week, the game may lose its fans and get bad ratings from known gaming sites.

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