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No Man’s Sky Ending: Polo, Nada, And Game’s Similarity With The Matrix [Spoilers]

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No Man's Sky

Beating No Man?s Sky isn?t that big of a feat as getting to the center doesn?t take too long as advertised by Hello Games. Upon reaching the center, players can embark on a new journey with all their equipment upgrades. The No Man?s Sky ending is nothing short of mind-boggling, but a few players seem to have an idea of what the big finale actually means.

Redditor Fins_Finst ?theorizes that the pop culture classic, The Matrix, inspired the storyline of the player in No Man?s Sky and the Atlas. The claim comes with proof that is actually good validation of the theory.

The player discovered two separate Monoliths with hidden messages throughout the Knowledge Stones in No Man?s Sky. The stones helps players learn the following words: traveler, reality, illusion, us, nada, polo, escape, find, look, anomaly, offer, truth.

The messages come in the form of Gek and Korvax translations. He added that upon encountering Nada and Polo, a Korvax and a Gek, he discovered that the two aliens differ from other members of their race in several ways:

  • ????????The two NPCs can understand the player and speak his language while the rest of the aliens can?t.
  • ????????The two NPCs can ?hack? the system to create or form the hidden messages.
  • ????????The two NPCs can direct players to a black hole and near the Atlas while the rest of the aliens can?t.

The player compared Nadas? offer to the blue pill/red pill choice made by Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix. Basically, the theory is that there?s more that Atlas does aside from being a prominent figure in the game as they may have control over the universe. The main ending can be interpreted as the player finally waking up and discovering Atlas? actual actions.

Others have speculated that the universe in No Man?s Sky is just a simulation to the player, but since no one has proven the theory, players are hard pressed on getting more clues.


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