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No Man’s Sky Ending: Here’s What The Center Of The Universe Looks Like [Spoilers]

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No Man's Sky Leaked Copy

A week before No Man?s Sky launched, a player leaked everything he has experienced during his playthrough. One of the players? biggest concerns about it was that he was able to finish the game in 30 hours or so, despite Hello Games saying that it?ll take a long time to get to the center of the galaxy. The issue was expected to be fixed after the Day One patch, but it seems another player got the best of Hello Games and managed to finish the game yesterday and even shared the No Man?s Sky ending for the world to see.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames recently shared a video of him completing the daunting task of getting to the center of the universe. Be forewarned though that there are spoilers from here on.

By now, most players have either not come across the precious Atlas Stone yet or don?t know what its role is in the game?s universe is. They are advised to keep 10 Atlas Stones, however. These Atlas Stones will be used to create a new universe, which is actually the center of the galaxy.

Once the Atlas Stones have been donated, the center of the galaxy will appear on the map and can easily be reached via hyperdrive. From there, players will be treated to a cinematic that is somewhat similar to starting up the game. After that, it seems that a new game begins and the player will start up on another planet.

This is just one of the game?s endings, so getting to the center isn?t exactly the end of a player?s journey. The YouTuber followed the Atlas? Guidance and gave 10 Atlas Stones for his No Man?s Sky ending. It?s also possible to actually reach the center of the galaxy without the Atlas? Guidance and without any Atlas Stones, and it could also be a new No Man?s Sky ending entirely.

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