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No Man’s Sky: What To Do If You Don’t Follow The Atlas’ Guidance

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Hello Games? No Man?s Sky offers players the chance to do a lot of things in its vast universe without any restrictions or an exact path to follow. Early on in the game, players are asked whether or not they want to follow the Atlas? Guidance. Not choosing to follow will allow players to do things on their own very freely, but it could get confusing without guidance, considering how vast space is.

Choosing to have the Atlas? Guidance will push players to come in contact with the mysterious Atlas later on in the game. The path will be shown to them as a blue line in the Galactic Map when using a hyper drive.

Things are a bit different without the Atlas? Guidance though. There?s a lot going on in No Man?s Sky and things get even more overwhelming if players choose to explore freely. Upon leaving the planet, they?ll have to do the usual tasks of building a hyper drive to eventually get to other systems with speed and ease. Instead of a blue line in the Galactic Map, players will have to follow a yellow line instead.

The Galactic Map may be a bit confusing to use for first timers, but since the aim is to get to the center of the galaxy, all they?ll have to do is look at the details shown when the cursor is on a specific system and look at how close the system is to the center. It is measured by light years and it?ll be a great help without the Atlas? Guidance.

Choosing to go freely will obviously result in another ending for No Man?s Sky, but it might take longer than usual to get to the center. It?s also best to keep in mind that Atlas Stones are important, and it?s recommended to keep it when players come across one.

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