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No Man?s Sky DLC: Free Content To Expect From Hello Games

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No Man's Sky

In a recent interview with GameRant, Hello Games? Sean Murray revealed that players who bought legitimate copies of No Man?s Sky have a lot in store for them in the coming days, months and so on. All upcoming content to the game is free and players can expect new features and many more. With the game as big as it is already, it?s a pretty daunting task to add fresh features to the game. What kind of free No Man?s Sky DLC can we expect from Hello Games?

More Vehicles

There?s a huge chance that the upcoming No Man?s Sky DLC will feature more vehicles. This means players may come across more starships. There?s also a possibility for Hello Games to introduce new forms of vehicles in the game. It?s been speculated that land vehicles will make its way to the game sometime soon. Additionally, water vehicles might also do wonders for the game as exploring the deep can be a bit troublesome.

New Creature Types And More

There are a lot of creatures on the planets of the game and most are just reskins of the others. We can expect No Man?s Sky to tweak their codes up a bit in a content update so that the planets will begin to spawn new creatures to discover. Players might be wishing for Hello Games to introduce more gigantic and ferocious species to the game. A boss on each planet sounds particularly exciting also.

Less Empty Universe

Without others to play with and a lot of static NPCs in No Man?s Sky, things could get boring fast. Even meeting other players sound impossible for now. ?Space pirates and the Sentinels are something to be wary of, but the universe still feels pretty dull with them. Hello Games could improve this experience by making the AI and NPCs a bit more lively in the upcoming free No Man?s Sky DLC.

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